Adv. Yossy Haezrachy

Founding Partner

Yossy was admitted to the Bar on 2010, after working thru Law school, and after being admitted to the Bar, Yossy worked as an intern, lawyer and partner at Yehuda Ressler Law Firm. From the day of admission Yossy handled high profiled litigation cases, and among other cases was a partner to the Supreme Court Case in which President Beinish's final ruling had cancelled the Tal Law, obligating Yeshiva Students to enlist to the army.

Today, Adv. Haezrachy, handles high scaled litigation cases which receive the media's attention daily.

Yossy specializes in real estate and represents KKL's Real Estate Firm, Himnuta Ltd, in vast real estate transactions.

Yossy is married to Maya, a talented interior designer, and father to Amit and Itay. Grew up in Jerusalem, and moved to Miami, Florida, during grade school and thru middle school and high school.

Yossy speaks English at mother tongue level and handles international cases in English.